DSV Success Story: Maximizing Efficiency with the e.Mix FollowNet Platform

DSV, a global transportation and logistics company, manages more than 2,600,000 TEUs of ocean freight and 1,700,000 tons of air freight every year. Founded in Denmark in 1976, DSV has a global presence in over 90 countries, with over 1,600 offices and logistics facilities, and over 75,000 dedicated employees, offering air, sea, road and rail freight services, as well as contract logistics.

Conheça o FollowNet

offices and logistics facilities






ocean freight TEUs

DSV was able to significantly improve its operational efficiency and customer service through the use of e.Mix’s FollowNet platform.

The company estimates that it would need approximately 3x the number of employees to manage its operations at its 3rd largest branch.

Using e.Mix FollowNet, they are able to handle the same workload with only 33% of the employees expected for an operation of this size. This represents a remarkable increase in productivity and cost efficiency.

e.Mix FollowNet has become a very important part of the operation and management at DSV. The platform offers comprehensive control over processes from the moment the cargo arrives in Brazil until it is delivered to the final customer. It offers real-time dashboards and reports and also allows DSV customers access, ensuring transparency and trust.

Carolina Povoa, Branch Manager Campinas at DSV

DSV is AEO and we need a partner that can be trusted. And today, DSV clearance runs fully integrated with the e.Mix FollowNet platform

Carolina Povoa, Branch Manager Campinas at DSV

DSV, being an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), requires a high level of process security. e.Mix FollowNet has been instrumental in meeting these rigorous standards, providing a secure and reliable platform to manage DSV’s operations.

Today, DSV’s customs clearance operations are fully integrated into the e.Mix platform. It has become an important part of their operations, demonstrating the platform’s effectiveness and reliability.

DSV prides itself on offering a personalized service to its customers. e.Mix FollowNet supports this approach with its ability to integrate with key government agencies, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Furthermore, as DSV’s projects with customers often require new developments, e.Mix has proven to be a reliable partner, always ready to respond to emerging needs. This commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction further solidifies the successful partnership between DSV and e.Mix.

In conclusion, the implementation of e.Mix FollowNet has allowed DSV to significantly improve its operational efficiency, security and customer service. This success story serves as a testament to e.Mix’s commitment to providing innovative and effective software solutions to the international trade industry, importers and exporters.

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