Pharmaceutical companies need efficiency and economy in their processes and e.Mix solutions were created to meet this demand.

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FollowNet One
FollowNet One e.Mix FollowNet One is a software platform that can offer a great deal of benefits to pharmaceutical companies, including the issue of LI - Import Licenses. Below are some of the advantages of using this software:
  • Process optimization e.Mix FollowNet One allows processes related to obtaining import licenses to be optimized, which results in a decrease in time and costs involved. In addition, the automation of processes also increases the accuracy and speed of information.
  • PO Management Detailed control of import orders, in terms of part number and quantity shipped, is essential for the pharmaceutical industry, allowing easy analysis of POs linked to shipments.
  • Real-time monitoring The platform allows real-time monitoring of all steps related to obtaining import licenses, allowing early identification of potential problems and immediate action.
  • Integration with other systems e.Mix FollowNet One is easily integrated with other systems that already exist in the company, which guarantees continuity of information and agility in process management.
  • Documentation control The platform allows storage and access to all documentation related to import licenses in an organized and secure manner, as well as automatic retrieval of extracts from licenses. In addition, the electronic management of documentation increases agility in the process of obtaining licenses.
  • Management reports e.Mix FollowNet One enables the generation of management reports that clearly and objectively present relevant information about the process of obtaining import licenses, allowing for more assertive decision-making.
  • Control tower and BI for Comex The custom creation of a control tower for all stages of the processes, including the control of LIs, is a powerful tool for companies that need agile control. The generation of KPIs allows data analysis and decision making to improve processes within the logistics and production chains.
In summary, e.Mix FollowNet One is a software platform that can help pharmaceutical companies to optimize processes related to obtaining import licenses, monitor the process steps in real time, integrate with other existing systems, control documentation in an organized and secure manner, and generate management reports to assist in decision-making.
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