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Main advantages:

Considerable reduction of the time spent in import declaration conference

More security in the validation of all import clearance data

Mitigation of errors in import clearance records

Drastic decrease in conference hours

Staff with less repetitive jobs

Employees’ quality of life

90% automated activity

Solutions for:

Mitigation of errors in manual checks

Employees with very repetitive jobs

Extremely long time to conduct import clearance conference

Fines generated due to errors in import clearance record

Analysts will have more time to perform business intelligence tasks for customers

100% manual task

Main Features:

Registration of flow of different types of processes
• Transportation routes
• Special schemes
• Customers' singularities

Artificial intelligence to identify possible deviations
• Incorrect description
• Classification with reduction

Validation of file structure

Automatic identification of modal in checking

Establishment of verification rules using data from other bases for comparison or fixed rules
• Systems related to federal revenue
• PDF documents and images
• Tax classification systems (Infoconsult), to verify tax rates

Knowledge to identify deviations and best scenarios based on history

Successful case

Artificial Intelligence in the Customs Clearance is already a reality in Panalpina

Always looking for innovations and aware of the latest technology available, Panalpina Brasil decided to invest in the new tool and started offering this solution as part of the company's customs clearance processes.

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