Control your agreements using spreadsheets!

Give your customer more peace of mind to comply with the Drawback scheme!

Balance Control
Balance control of imported and exported items.
Automatic Inquiries
Automatic consultations of all information about the agreements.
Deadline Notices
Warnings of the expiration of the acts and limits of the imports / exports to be achieved.


The e.Mix DrawbackNet service was created 6 years ago in order to speed up consultation and minitoring of the agreements in Integrated Suspension mode in the WEB environment (DrawbackWeb).
Integrated Suspension Mode
Tranquility to fulfill the Drawback regime.
Easy visualization of ER / ID / IL and invoices.
Custom reports in a faster way.

It drastically reduces time spent with DrawbackWeb inquiries

Quick access to changes made in the agreements;
Control of several actions simultaneously, of different CNPJs;
Personalization of reports and notices on the progress of the acts, allowing a faster action and anticipating the need of creating additives to the agreement;
It avoids sanctions for non-compliance with the commitment when creating the agreement;
Web service, without facilities at the stations and server;
Easy visualization of the ER / ID / IL information and invoices that are available on the DB Web site.

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