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Automate all the inquiry tasks in Siscomex Import, Export and Siscarga and be warned whenever and about whatever you want.

Fast, accurate and automated queries

It recovers the statement of the Import Declaration (ID);
Queries the parameter settings;
Recovers the Import Receipt;
Checks the status and extract of the Import License (IL);
Status of LI's authorities;
Consultation on Export Register (ER);
Indicates which Export Registers (ERs) are linked to the Export Declarations (EDs);
Exports Declaration (ED) and sends the statements.


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The Import License (IL), Import Declaration (ID) and Import Certificate (IC) images can be sent by e-mail or directly to the FollowNet Upload service. There is also the possibility via WebService or manual requests directly in the SiscomexNet service, where the answer for the information can be seen. This way, all process management is automatically updated, guaranteeing the accuracy and agility in the information.


With the SiscomexNet - Siscarga service, which can be embedded in the FollowNet processes, the query of maritime data information is done automatically, where it is possible to register rules for survey. The level of details in the feedback can also be chosen at the moment of the registration of each query, as well as the way of making this information available (by e-mail or SMS). In this module it’s also possible to daily receive all loads that haven’t been deconsolidated yet, avoiding fines and delays in the process.


This module of the SiscomexNet service performs inquiries to follow the processes of Export and captures the statements of Export Register (ER) and Export Declaration (ED). It allows the setting of the sending of automatic warning, by e-mail, related to the changes of status of ER and ED. The service also has connection with FollowNet, the inquiries are made and the information is filled automatically in the respective Export processes.
Accuracy and agility of information
E.Mix SiscomexNet has been active for 5 years. With SiscomexNet Import, SiscomexNet Export and SiscomexNet Siscarga all inquiries to Siscomex from Revenue are performed automatically ensuring the accuracy and agility of the information.
SiscomexNet integrates with Siscomex, with your company’s softwares and with FollowNet by e.Mix.

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