Accelerate your processes with document analysis software

Analyzing documents can be a tedious and time-consuming task, and requires close attention to detail. Our document analysis software simplifies and speeds up this process by allowing you to automatically analyze scanned documents.

It reads and compares the documents with pre-registered rules to check if they are within the standards or if there are deviations. With this tool, you save time, avoid fines and improve the efficiency of your processes.

Analisador e.Mix

Analyzer benefits

Reduction of time and costs

Reduction of time and costs

Our software lets you review documents in minutes instead of hours, saving you time and money on manual processes.

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Accuracy and consistency

Accuracy and consistency

With an automated analysis, you avoid manual errors and make sure that all documents are analyzed consistently, with no variations.

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Compliance and risk reduction

Compliance and risk reduction

The software helps assure that your documents are within pre-established standards, avoiding fines and penalties.

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Integration with information from legacy systems, ERPs, government systems, among others.

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Analyzer Applications

Rectification of documents

Our software is useful for analyzing documents that need to be corrected, detecting deviations and pointing out exactly where corrections are needed.

Data comparison

The software can compare information filled in from other sources with data in documents, verifying that the data matches and alerting you about possible errors.

Compliance documents

Companies that need to comply with regulations and standards can use the software to ensure their documents are compliant.

Analisador e.Mix

How it works?

Our software stands out for its efficiency and ease of use. It reads scanned documents and compares them with pre-registered rules to check if they are within the standards or if there are deviations. If there are deviations, the software marks them, allowing the user to make the necessary corrections. The process is fast and accurate, allowing you more time to focus on other important activities.

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Why use it?

Our software is an ideal choice for companies that want to simplify and speed up the document review process, improve accuracy and avoid unnecessary costs. We offer a robust and reliable product, with dedicated technical support and constant updates to ensure you are always ahead of the curve.

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Success stories

Large freight forwarders and customs brokers use our software to read all sorts of documents such as invoices, packing lists, import declarations, and shipping documents, among others.

These documents are read and the information is compared with sources such as legacy systems, integrations with external systems (such as government websites), shipowner systems, ERPs and others.

The user of our service defines rules so that the comparison of information automatically generates alerts of deviations with action levels.

For example, certain information generates only deviation alerts. Others put the entire operation on hold so that the necessary analyses and corrections to the document or data source are performed immediately.

We implemented the e.Mix Analyzer system and, in less than a month, we already felt an extraordinary difference! The trend from now on is to increase our productivity more and more, thus reducing our manual work and bringing an excellent financial return to our company.
Rivael Borges - Crane Worldwide Logistics
Crane Worldwide Logistics opened its business with a group of former senior EGL executives, including founder Jim Crane, with a vision of becoming a worldwide player in the competitive global freight and contract management services industry. Nine years later, Crane Worldwide has rapidly grown to more than $680 million in revenue from locations around the world. From the beginning, Crane Worldwide has differentiated itself from other market players by making its business smarter. A company transparent to its global supply chain that provides best-in-class service. Crane Worldwide believes that superior people, coupled with revolutionary technology, transform the industry. Learn more:

With these actions, our software enables annually:

Saving thousands of hours of work
Saving millions of dollars in fines and paying for additional storage
Mitigation of relationship wear and tear with errors and fines

Don't waste any more time manually parsing documents. Invest in our document analysis software and reap benefits such as reduced time and cost, accuracy and compliance.

With our automated tool, you can be confident that your documents are in compliance and your business is protected from fines and risks.

Contact us today to learn more about our document analysis software and how we can create a project that fits your needs using Document Analyzer and help your business grow further.

Analyze. Implement. Improve. Repeat

Is the software great because the implementation is great, or is the implementation great because the software is great?

We offer a team certified in the best process and project methodologies, such as Lean Six Sigma, that maps and suggests improvements in the client's processes, backed by our systems’ Artificial Intelligence, follows up implementation and measures the final results, ensuring continuous improvement.

Our implementation and continuous improvement team complements our software.
See below the steps of our methodology:
1st step
Plan Project presentation (kick off) and schedule definition First, we plan a macro schedule, defining key people, outlining the next steps and provide a basic software for immediate use.
2nd step
Configure Mapping and configuring services and integrations At this stage, we map the current process with each user through interviews and pre-defined forms, designing a flowchart for the future process including possible outcomes and expected savings. After approval, the settings are applied together with the Key User(s).
3rd step
Regular training and certification Regular training and certification for administrators and key users We offer high quality software and invest in certification and training users regularly, ensuring professionals are up to date with the best practices in e.Mix software.
4th step
Follow Up Monitoring the use and improvements implemented Our team monitors and analyzes software usage to ensure a smooth adaptation, and collects information about any gains resulting from this implementation, as well as possibilities for improvement.
5th step
Finalization Share the results We demonstrate how much was earned. The support team analyzes demands and the success team monitors results and presents the monthly savings.
6th step
Repeat Repeat e.Mix applies its own methodology for the implementation of its software, reviewing and auditing each stage of the process in order to identify opportunities and adjustments. The process must be constant and involves the entire company’s team.

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