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Treinamento e certificações e.Mix

e.Mix leads the development of technological solutions for foreign trade and logistics, with rigorous training and certification, aimed at optimizing the use of software and improving the productivity of its customers. Our solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers' foreign trade and logistics sector.

One of e.Mix's differentials is the certification process, which constantly evaluates and updates users' knowledge, ensuring efficiency and exceptional results for organizations. At the same time, e.Mix has an implementation and continuous improvement methodology, which accompanies the use of software, always guaranteeing the best results for customers, optimizing and updating its procedures and workflow.

The company periodically carries out recertification processes, ensuring that professionals are always up to date with trends, market developments and the latest software features, which are constantly updated.

Focused on training and continuous development of its users and on the implementation and continuous improvement of software, e.Mix consolidates itself as a successful partner in the market. By choosing e.Mix, companies guarantee access to training, certifications, recertifications and an effective methodology for implementation and continuous improvement.

In addition, e.Mix provides an online platform for checking the validity and expiration of certificates, ensuring their authenticity.


Our team has professionals certified in the main project and process mapping methodologies.

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