Complete container management

DemurrageNet is the most suitable system if you need an effective solution to avoid the lack of control over the use, return and collection of Demurrage and Detention of containers. DemurrageNet is freight forwarders, importers, exporters, customs terminals and dispatch agents’ best ally in their routines, offering resources to automate these steps.

DemurrageNet e.Mix

Full control over Demurrage and Detention

DemurrageNet e.Mix

Know exactly the period of use of each container

With DemurrageNet, you have full management of the use of containers, controlling them individually, according to defined business rules. The controls and automatic controls carried out by the software, taking into account the type of container and the agreed values, make it possible to know the status of the use of each container.

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With DemurrageNet, you avoid

DemurrageNet e.Mix

Customized control of your containers

Customized charges by carrier, route, region, container type

Customized charges by carrier, route, region, container type

Managing Demurrage and Detention requires close attention to detail and tracking numerous events and values ​​for complete control. DemurrageNet allows the customization of these factors so that your control is complete and totally individualized.

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Visibility on container billing

Visibility on container billing

With our system, you are free to customize how you want to view the billing of your containers. For this, DemurrageNet allows you to group invoicing by container or even generate partial invoicing, a very useful resource for the financial organization.

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Bulk process update

Bulk process update

DemurrageNet allows you to monitor and update various processes in a mass manner. It is possible to obtain partial calculations on Demurrage and Detention, generation of movement control reports, forecasts on inputs and outputs and much more. With these automations, you can prevent your team from getting stuck in manual and repetitive functions.

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Benefits that DemurrageNet brings to your team

Withdrawal or return forecasts

Only with the intelligence of DemurrageNet can you have predictions about each withdrawal and return of containers. This functionality allows you to develop plans regarding invoicing and next business to be done.

Generating and sending automatic invoices

DemurrageNet is the ideal option to automate the generation and sending of invoices to your customers. In addition to the time optimization presented by this system by avoiding the need for manual work, enabling integration with your billing and accounting system, with it you also have the elimination of errors caused by human failures.

Logging occurrences with your container

DemurrageNet is the only system capable of guaranteeing total management over the use of containers. For this, it offers a tool that allows the inclusion of occurrences for its processes, allowing access to the entire history of events registered with each container for complete analysis and decision making.

Use via browser and remotely

As a pioneer in the market of systems intended for the management of containers in foreign trade, DemurrageNet is the only one to present so many automation resources in a service platform via browser, dispensing with the need for installation.

Analyze. Implement. Improve. Repeat

Is the software great because the implementation is great, or is the implementation great because the software is great?

We offer a team certified in the best process and project methodologies, such as Lean Six Sigma, that maps and suggests improvements in the client's processes, backed by our systems’ Artificial Intelligence, follows up implementation and measures the final results, ensuring continuous improvement.

Our implementation and continuous improvement team complements our software.
See below the steps of our methodology:
1st step
Plan Project presentation (kick off) and schedule definition First, we plan a macro schedule, defining key people, outlining the next steps and provide a basic software for immediate use.
2nd step
Configure Mapping and configuring services and integrations At this stage, we map the current process with each user through interviews and pre-defined forms, designing a flowchart for the future process including possible outcomes and expected savings. After approval, the settings are applied together with the Key User(s).
3rd step
Regular training and certification Regular training and certification for administrators and key users We offer high quality software and invest in certification and training users regularly, ensuring professionals are up to date with the best practices in e.Mix software.
4th step
Follow Up Monitoring the use and improvements implemented Our team monitors and analyzes software usage to ensure a smooth adaptation, and collects information about any gains resulting from this implementation, as well as possibilities for improvement.
5th step
Finalization Share the results We demonstrate how much was earned. The support team analyzes demands and the success team monitors results and presents the monthly savings.
6th step
Repeat Repeat e.Mix applies its own methodology for the implementation of its software, reviewing and auditing each stage of the process in order to identify opportunities and adjustments. The process must be constant and involves the entire company’s team.

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