e.Mix has already helped over 400 companies to overcome challenges. And earn more.

e.Mix helps hundreds of companies overcome challenges and earn more.

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"It provides us with process security, which is very important." Carolina Póvoa - Manager, DSV
Carolina Póvoa - It provides us with process security, which is very important.
Edmilson Sala - Spreadsheet controls in the past left many controls buggy.
Marco Nascimento - The productivity gain we had was very significant.
Mauricio Luis Carvalho - Financially, the physical structure is reduced and I believe that our savings in personnel must be around 40%.
Sílvio César - I have trusted e.Mix for many years, and I do not give up.
Jonata Andrade - We recently saved more than R$200,000 due to the system's automatic controls.
Eloi Filho - Communication is much more agile, quick and preventive.
Fabiano Junqueira -  We were able to reduce the sales and installation period from 15 days to up to 3 days due to the integrations in our software.
Fernando Perel - We were able to completely eliminate manual work from the operation
Alex Cunha - Customers were happy, the information arrived earlier than they imagined.
Raphael Espindola - We reduced labor and time by 50%
Marcius Nascimento - e.Mix made all the difference in productivity