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¿Cómo funciona el proceso de implementación?

This involves mapping customers’ internal processes, customization of e.Mix software and training and certification of all those involved, so that it is possible to achieve the best results in the management and automation of processes in foreign trade. The e.Mix implementation process was created based on Lean Six Sigma and PDCA process methodologies, as well as agile methodologies.

With qualified and certified professionals, e.Mix has brought gains to its customers of up to 38% in productivity increase, in addition to gains related to Data Quality, information security, process compliance, among others.

The implementation process is carried out in 6 stages, namely:

  • Planning
  • Mapping of processes and configurations
  • training and certification
  • Usage monitoring
  • Finalization
  • continuous improvement

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How long does the implementation process take?

The implementation process is focused on the results of the clients, so that it is fast and continuous. Based on Lean Six Sigma process methodologies and agile project methodologies, e.Mix seeks to bring agility to software implementation.

After contracting the software, on average it is possible to obtain gains from the first month of use. After this period, the gain is increased until the implementation process is completed, which takes an average of 3 months, starting the Continuous Improvement process, in which the process is periodically reassessed so that new gains can be identified.

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My certification is expiring, what should I do?

With the aim of delivering the best solutions to customers, e.Mix provides training and certification for all users, administrators and Key Users. With this, everyone acquires the necessary knowledge to be able to extract the best gains provided by e.Mix software.

Each certificate has a specific validity and is reassessed by the responsible team. Periodically, e.Mix gets in touch with customers so that all people can be retrained and recertified, as well as new users trained and certified.

In addition, if necessary, customers can request recycling and certification by contacting the e.Mix HelpDesk tool.

To learn more about the training and certification process, click here.

What types of certification does e.Mix offer?

e.Mix provides three types of training, according to the level of use and access that each person will have in the software:

  • User: for all people who need access to insert and/or consult information and documents in the e.Mix software.
  • Administrator: for all people who need more access to configure day-to-day items, such as creating users, configuring reports, among others.
  • Key User: for people who need full access to e.Mix software and who participate in the implementation and continuous improvement process, getting involved in the mapped process and continuously seeking improvements in processes.

Each training has a specific duration, as well as an application and certification format. To ensure that all information is absorbed by participants, e.Mix provides certification for each level, which may have theoretical and practical questions.

To learn more about the training and certification process, click here.

Do I need to have a Key User? What is his role?

The Key User has an essential role in the implementation and monitoring of the use of e.Mix software, so that it is possible to extract the best results. With more than 26 years of experience in the market, e.Mix provides excellent results for its clients, always with the support of Key Users who are at the forefront of the processes.

The Key User has several attributions, such as:

  • Make settings in e.Mix software;
  • Request training and recycling for users from e.Mix;
  • Manage internal and third-party access (customers / partners), providing access and settings;
  • Training and support;
  • Accompany the commercial team to publicize / present the e.Mix software, helping to boost sales;
  • Manage integrations, identifying deviations via reports or occurrences raised by users;
  • Monitor the use of services, identifying deviations through management reports;
  • Follow up calls through the Help Desk software;
  • Monitor operational flow improvement points with the operation and use the resources of e.Mix services to apply changes;
  • Filter user requests to speed up day-to-day incident resolution;
  • Be the customer’s contact link with e.Mix using the Help Desk service.


I need a specific report, how to configure?

e.Mix systems allow customers to configure reports in xls format by selecting from over 2000 available fields.

After downloading, it is possible to select the frequency of sending the reports by email and which processes must be included in order to be presented.

Does the system generate KPIs?

FollowNet and FollowNet One have a BI module for Comex that allows the creation of graphs for the generation of KPIs or even the creation of a control tower with graphs updated in real time with the data of your imports and exports.

I'm not receiving process deviation alerts, what could be happening?

The sending of process alerts, including deadlines, deviations or deviation prediction alerts can be configured to be viewed in the monitoring grid or sent by email. In the configuration module (manager) of FollowNet and FollowNet One, it is possible to include new emails or groups of emails to receive the desired alerts.

Can I receive the DI extract in the email?

The e.Mix systems extract extracts and status of DI, DUE, CEMercante, Siscarga, including the DI XML file and linkage of ICMS. In addition to the possibility of sending files directly to your email, it is possible to keep the files stored in the Upload module, which manages and sends the files by e-mail according to the events configured for sending.

How do I link my PO with my shipment?

The PO module of FOllowNet One allows the linking and tracking of data between PO, Invoice, shipment and clearance. This link is made automatically when the invoice or shipment from the PO is created.

I need to control partial shipments from my POs, is it possible?

FollowNet One allows partial write-offs (by item/part number) of POs, indicating the remaining balance so that you can easily control and have a complete view.

Can the system integrate with my ERP?

e.Mix systems are completely open for integration, either input or output. The system has a feature that allows the customer to generate an XML file according to their needs, in addition to input integrations via electronic spreadsheets or native integrations with SAP, TOTVS, among others.