Detailed PO management

PONet is software designed to easily manage your part numbers and your flow so you really have an overview of every step. The control of each of the steps and the printing of invoices and packing lists, in addition to balance control by part number and integration or manual creation of POs, will guarantee peace of mind in meeting deadlines and in stock control. Tracking the links between invoices and shipments facilitates the search for data and streamlines your day to day.

PONet e.Mix

Practicality in the follow-up of POs

Balance control by part number

With PONet, PO Management is easy. You have control over many aspects of POs, including available balance per item. This makes it possible to conduct purchases and sales from a broad perspective on products.

Follow-up of deadlines

Buying and selling processes often require constant monitoring of deadlines for each order. To ease this, PONet provides the necessary information to monitor and the possibility of configuring reports, control of deviations, alerts as reminders, among other resources to make your life easier.

Automated management

With PONet, you get information automatically and with a customized control tower. This enables agility in managing possible deviations or non-compliance with the SLAs at each stage. In addition, the system also makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which ensures even more agility and assertiveness for decision making.

Workflow control

PONet is also the ideal solution for you to have more control over your team's work during the processes of production, release and transport of goods to the final destination. This makes it possible to predict deviations and avoid delays and fines.

Obstacles that PONet overcomes with you

PONet e.Mix

Freedom to customize

Difficulty accessing information

It is common for companies that manage a large number of POs to face obstacles with the difficulty of accessing information on purchases and sales by all stakeholders. This is a problem that can be caused by the decentralization of information, the so-called “data silos”. With PONet, you reduce this risk.

Missed deadlines

The use of manual spreadsheets may have been useful for foreign trade for some years. However, all of PONet's data automation extends the future of its business, avoiding missing deadlines at each stage and maintaining its credibility with customers.

Waste of time

PONet works to ensure that you directly reduce the wasted time that you could have if you depended on individual and manual analyzes regarding each item present in the POs. With PONet, these analyzes are automated and information is obtained in real time, regardless of the volume of POs to be managed.

With PONet, you automate jobs such as

Obtaining information

Obtaining information

Manually consulting different platforms to obtain information about the POs is a time-consuming work. With PONe, queries are made automatically, saving time and helping to centralize information.

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Use of spreadsheets

Use of spreadsheets

Using manual spreadsheets is one of the main reasons for waste of time, missing deadlines and consequently losing value, whether in the production line, fines, storage, or other factors. PONet automates this process and can configure alerts that help you logistically for immediate action as the system detects possible deviations. These alerts can also work as an escalation, alerting key people in the operation at various levels and thus minimizing losses due to lack of control and warnings.

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Through AI, PONet allows you to automate reports, displaying information you need with all the reliability and speed necessary to avoid wasting time on manual work.

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Generation of Dashboards and KPIs

Generation of Dashboards and KPIs

Generating PIs and Dashboards is necessary in the registration of items related to POs. PONet automates this service and generates accurate graphics quickly, which optimizes your routine and your team’s. The automatically generated KPIs greatly reduce access time to analyze information on what happens with your imports and exports and the Dashboards give a clear and immediate view of what is happening, at the exact moment, with all your events. This makes it easier for all those interested in this information, in several different departments, to be at the same point of understanding, streamlining communication and accuracy.

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Issuance of packing list invoices

Issuance of packing list invoices

PONet makes it easier for you to issue packing list invoices. We bring convenience to you and your team, who can have control over all the items present in each PO and, consequently, also make this information available to your internal and external customers. It is still possible to carry out the total or partial linking of POs in a single or several invoices, as well as carry out the reversal of the invoice and the return of the balance in case of non-shipment.

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Control of shipments linked to POs

Control of shipments linked to POs

Tracking shipments linked to POs can be slow and painstaking work for those not using PONet. However this tool automates this task with information obtained in real time.

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With PONet, you have more visibility in

Data related to all POs

PONet is more than an information integration system. It was developed to be an intuitive platform capable of relating data from all POs and, from there, offering a complete picture of negotiations, from requesting the order to delivery at the plant, controlling events and ensuring that all deadlines are met, in a single system.

PO item balances from Dashboards

PONet can present information regarding POs in an intuitive way for you. One of the ways in which you can access the balance of each PO is from Dashboards, which are generated in real time for everyone involved.

Information available to each user

With PONet, you are free to customize the contents that will be available to each user. In this way, it is possible to ensure that they only have access to information relevant to the activities to be carried out, which generates more organization and security for teamwork.

Joint processes carried out by the team

In the same way that PONet allows the segmentation of information to be offered to each user, it also allows team members to have access to joint work, which ensures more alignment with the activities to be carried out.

Analyze. Implement. Improve. Repeat

Is the software great because the implementation is great, or is the implementation great because the software is great?

We offer a team certified in the best process and project methodologies, such as Lean Six Sigma, that maps and suggests improvements in the client's processes, backed by our systems’ Artificial Intelligence, follows up implementation and measures the final results, ensuring continuous improvement.

Our implementation and continuous improvement team complements our software.
See below the steps of our methodology:
1st step
Plan Project presentation (kick off) and schedule definition First, we plan a macro schedule, defining key people, outlining the next steps and provide a basic software for immediate use.
2nd step
Configure Mapping and configuring services and integrations At this stage, we map the current process with each user through interviews and pre-defined forms, designing a flowchart for the future process including possible outcomes and expected savings. After approval, the settings are applied together with the Key User(s).
3rd step
Regular training and certification Regular training and certification for administrators and key users We offer high quality software and invest in certification and training users regularly, ensuring professionals are up to date with the best practices in e.Mix software.
4th step
Follow Up Monitoring the use and improvements implemented Our team monitors and analyzes software usage to ensure a smooth adaptation, and collects information about any gains resulting from this implementation, as well as possibilities for improvement.
5th step
Finalization Share the results We demonstrate how much was earned. The support team analyzes demands and the success team monitors results and presents the monthly savings.
6th step
Repeat Repeat e.Mix applies its own methodology for the implementation of its software, reviewing and auditing each stage of the process in order to identify opportunities and adjustments. The process must be constant and involves the entire company’s team.

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