Excellence in managing in importing and exporting

FollowNet is the best management software for queries to the Brazilian Federal Revenue to track orders, issue reports, monitor records such as DUE, LI and DI, and several other features. FollowNet is the state of the art of practicality and cost reduction for cargo agents, dispatch agents, customs terminals, customs brokers and airport agents.

FollowNet e.Mix

Discover our definitive solution for imports and exports

FollowNet e.Mix

Automation that reduces rework

With FollowNet, you have a platform that automates all logistical processes of your imports and exports with queries to Mantra and Siscomex, issuing reports and much more. It's everything you need to ensure agility and reduce repetitive tasks in your business!

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FollowNet e.Mix

Organization that ensures productivity

Organize tasks and follow the team's workflow directly in FollowNet, with much more precision, centralizing process information on a single platform and eliminating the problem with data silos.

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FollowNet e.Mix

Visibility in multiple formats

FollowNet enables safe monitoring of processes from control towers, obtaining reliable data that can be presented in the form of automatic reports, KPIs, Dashboards and grids so that all users, from any department, can follow up and update information in real time.

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FollowNet e.Mix

Security in obtaining and storing data

Because it is easily integrated with the Brazilian Federal Revenue systems, FollowNet guarantees total security of the data obtained. In addition, it complies with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), which guarantees maximum protection for stored information.

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FollowNet e.Mix

Practicality from the beginning to the end of the processes

FollowNet's practicality accompanies you from the moment you start the integration with your SAP ERP or legacy systems until the time your import reaches its final destination, always alerting the team in case of deviations, considering its Artificial Intelligence (AI) for predicting occurrences and problems.

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Freedom to customize

FollowNet e.Mix
FollowNet e.Mix
Choice of users with allowed access
FollowNet e.Mix
Personalized content for each user
FollowNet e.Mix
Custom padding control
FollowNet e.Mix
Disclosure of information to selected users
FollowNet e.Mix
Time limit for accessing the platform
FollowNet e.Mix
Control of locations for allowed access

Relax with full control of import orders

Maximum traceability of orders

Maximum traceability of orders

With FollowNet, you have a platform that automates the logistical processes of your imports and exports with queries to Mantra and Siscomex, issuing reports and much more. It's everything you need to assure agility and reduce repetitive tasks in your business!

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Attention to Purchase Order (PO)

Attention to Purchase Order (PO)

Even with several items in the same PO, our software monitors all deliveries, offering a variety of advantages to importers and suppliers. Among these, you have: balance control by part number, traceability of the link with the shipment, identification of transshipments, among other functionalities.

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Say goodbye to waste

Of paper

With FollowNet, you reduce a large part of the printing related to the import and export processes.

Of financial resources

FollowNet allows you time to develop better planning and avoid delays that could lead to fines and loss of credibility with your internal and external customers.

Of time

FollowNet guarantees faster queries on your import and export processes, which reflects in other actions in your work routine.

Of professional talents

With FollowNet's automations and artificial intelligence, you make better use of your team in tasks that require more strategic thinking and less manual work.

Have unique differentials as a FollowNet customer


Offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots that perform constant queries to the integrated platforms and guarantee information in real time.

Custom implementation

Before implementing FollowNet, e.Mix customers have access to an overview of the scenario in which they operate and receive all the important information for their business.


Count on the experience of a company that has been offering the best solutions in software and services for foreign trade for over 26 years.

Analyze. Implement. Improve. Repeat

Is the software great because the implementation is great, or is the implementation great because the software is great?

We offer a team certified in the best process and project methodologies, such as Lean Six Sigma, that maps and suggests improvements in the client's processes, backed by our systems’ Artificial Intelligence, follows up implementation and measures the final results, ensuring continuous improvement.

Our implementation and continuous improvement team complements our software.
See below the steps of our methodology:
1st step
Plan Project presentation (kick off) and schedule definition First, we plan a macro schedule, defining key people, outlining the next steps and provide a basic software for immediate use.
2nd step
Configure Mapping and configuring services and integrations At this stage, we map the current process with each user through interviews and pre-defined forms, designing a flowchart for the future process including possible outcomes and expected savings. After approval, the settings are applied together with the Key User(s).
3rd step
Regular training and certification Regular training and certification for administrators and key users We offer high quality software and invest in certification and training users regularly, ensuring professionals are up to date with the best practices in e.Mix software.
4th step
Follow Up Monitoring the use and improvements implemented Our team monitors and analyzes software usage to ensure a smooth adaptation, and collects information about any gains resulting from this implementation, as well as possibilities for improvement.
5th step
Finalization Share the results We demonstrate how much was earned. The support team analyzes demands and the success team monitors results and presents the monthly savings.
6th step
Repeat Repeat e.Mix applies its own methodology for the implementation of its software, reviewing and auditing each stage of the process in order to identify opportunities and adjustments. The process must be constant and involves the entire company’s team.

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