Control your Digital Certificates

CertSafer is the ideal solution for companies that need to limit or direct the use of Digital Certificates only to authorized persons. This tool is capable of including an organization and management layer for your Digital Certificates.

Control of use and limitations of Digital Certificates

CertSafer e.Mix

Security for websites, software and applications

Organize and manage access from Digital Certificates with CertSafer, that offers reliability by limiting unauthorized users when logging in on certain platforms. In addition, to provide users with maximum control, CertSafer guarantees monitoring of movements with the Digital Certificate, offering information about the accesses made.

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Problems you avoid with CertSafer:

CertSafer e.Mix

CertSafer allows for more customization in:

Each user access

With CertSafer, you manage access to only those who need it and restrict unauthorized people. This allows you to manage and organize both certificate users and your company's customers.

Access control

With CertSafer you can easily identify the periods and users who used the certificates with a clear and easy history.

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