GEODIS Success Story: Increasing Productivity with the e.Mix FollowNet Platform

GEODIS, one of the world's leading transport and logistics companies with recognized expertise in all aspects of the supply chain, has been able to significantly improve its operational efficiency and customer service through the use of e.Mix's FollowNet platform. With a global network spanning around 170 countries and over 49,400 employees, GEODIS generated revenues in excess of €13 billion in 2022.

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The GEODIS team points out that, at the current level of productivity, it would be impossible not to have a tool like e.Mix FollowNet to support its operations. The platform not only increased productivity, but also reduced errors, allowing the team to focus on preventing problems and lessening the work of resolving them.

Eloi Filho - Customs Clearance Manager - Geodis

We can't just be good at solving problems. We need to be excellent at avoiding them. AND the e.Mix FollowNet platform leads us to this

Eloi Filho - Customs Clearance Manager - Geodis

In time, e.Mix FollowNet became GEODIS’ main data manager, providing easy access to tracking information and issue reports. In addition, the platform allows GEODIS customers to access and track their operations in real time, increasing transparency and trust.

Edmilson Sala - Customs Clearance Supervisor - Geodis

The e.Mix FollowNet platform automates the search for information, sending reports, managing and sending files and this greatly increases our productivity

Edmilson Sala - Customs Clearance Supervisor - Geodis

The GEODIS team reinforces the importance of the platform, noting that it automates tasks and frees up time for employees. Furthermore, the platform has been a valuable tool for the commercial team, allowing them to show customers what GEODIS can offer and build customer confidence.

Jonata Andrade - Import Analyst - Geodis

We recently saved more than BRL 200 thousand due to the automatic controls of the system

Jonata Andrade - Import Analyst - Geodis

The platform’s ability to customize is also a great benefit, allowing GEODIS to meet the specific needs of each client. Even when a process is not registered in the system, the platform is able to identify that there is a stopped load, avoiding delays and possible additional costs. In a specific example, the pro-activity of the platform made it possible to avoid a cost of BRL 200,000.00 in a load that would have been stopped due to the lack of documentation sent by the customer.

Eloi Filho - Customs Clearance Manager - Geodis

There is a lot of transparency. We created a very strong bond of trust, because everything what is spoken is executed

Eloi Filho - Customs Clearance Manager - Geodis

e.Mix has been a reliable partner for GEODIS, providing fast and effective support whenever needed. The GEODIS team expresses full confidence in the e.Mix platform and in the support and implementation team, highlighting the transparency and reliability of the partnership.

In short, the implementation of e.Mix FollowNet has allowed GEODIS to significantly increase its operational efficiency, reduce errors and improve customer service. This success story serves as a testament to e.Mix’s commitment to providing innovative and effective software solutions to the international trade industry.

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