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e.Mix has been in the software development market for more than 20 years. It’s a company with innovative solutions in technology to increase concrete results in a short and medium term and create distinguishing features for its clients. Our services annually manage millions of companies operations from the most different activities and sizes.

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The e.Mix Analyzer service aims to support, optimize and improve the process of analyzing data and documents of import processes. Integrating Federal Inland Revenue systems and all other e.Mix services and comparing data with the documents that integrate imports (invoice, packing list, transportation information, among others), the service identifies and warns about the divergences between […]

Being organized when it comes to data and management in foreign trade is essential to grow in this very competitive market. Conquering the famous “place in the sun” in the import and export business depends directly on the ability of employees and companies dealing with the large amount of paperwork. The MantraNet Service by e.Mix […]

The bureaucracy is very common in foreign trade due to the inherent characteristics of the area. In order to improve data organization and process management there are some solutions that come from automation and foreign trade softwares, which may be interesting for your business. For this purpose we have SiscomexNet! This service performs automatic inquiries […]

Automating the processes in foreign trade makes a difference in the daily life of the companies in this area, its employees and, consequently, the clients served by it. Using the technology available in your favor has a huge impact in several areas of import and export. This type of full control of the processes in […]

A company that uses e.Mix automated systems the day starts in a much more organized way. As all tasks follow a logical line, it’s much easier if you plan on what will be done each day and thus implement a healthy work routine. Automating the processes in foreign trade makes a difference in the daily […]

Managing foreign trade processes demands a flawless organization within companies and agencies that provide services related to import and export. Being able to deal with authorities, bureaucratic needs, customers and suppliers efficiently depends directly on the ability of companies to logically and functionally organize the work of their diverse employees. Technology certainly has contributed for […]

We are always concerned about helping you and your company to improve your daily routine. With this in mind, we have the Dashboard. It analyzes the process data through chats and is usually much better and more efficient than spending hours and hours reading spreadsheets and getting lost in their long lines and columns. That’s […]

Provided to the industry or commerce companies involved in the import and export area that work in a special customs system known as Drawback, the concession acts are the formalization to request and follow the commitment stablished between company and government through the Drawback. Drawback is nothing more than an incentive to export with the […]

Do you need to retrieve import declaration (ID) data at specific times? Automation has been widely used in the management of import and export processes worldwide. In Brazil, only in the past two decades companies have become familiar with foreign trade softwares, when the government has created an online system for managing all stages, documents […]

Global economy is all about import and export. It’s almost impossible to imagine a country that doesn’t depend on a certain level of foreign trade. Thus, those companies that take care of all the needed procedures for purchases and sales between nations need a solid process management with automation. Currently, the so-called “digital revolution” has […]

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