Follow every step of your foreign trade operations in real time

e.Mix softwares simplify your foreign trade transactions. We give you full control over your operations, so you have more time for your business.

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Our numbers show our efficiency.

importers and exporters benefited daily.
+3 billion
document rules verified.
+20 millions
documents managed daily.
hours of work saved monthly.

You, in control of everything. Wherever, whenever.

Our Software allows you to monitor the entire import and export chain, forming an automated ecosystem of alerts, reports, dashboards and much more.

goodbye spreadsheets

GRID with artificial intelligence

Increase efficiency and identify deviations quickly using an AI-powered data GRID.

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Cut down on paperwork and optimize your talents, automate processes and implement integrations

Increase your productivity by eliminating manual tasks.

Streamline your routine tasks to save time and money, increase productivity and minimize human errors. Perform integrations with internal and external systems to allow the fast, secure and transparent flow of your data.

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360 degree visibility

Direct, productive and personalized visualization. All stakeholders aligned

Maximize the efficiency of your business with automated, personalized KPIs and dashboards for performance monitoring.

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Our software optimizes your time, centralizes your information and increases your productivity

Analyze. Implement. Improve. Repeat

Is the software great because the implementation is great, or is the implementation great because the software is great?

We offer a team certified in the best process and project methodologies, such as Lean Six Sigma, that maps and suggests improvements in the client's processes, backed by our systems’ Artificial Intelligence, follows up implementation and measures the final results, ensuring continuous improvement.

Our implementation and continuous improvement team complements our software.
See below the steps of our methodology:
1st step
Plan Project presentation (kick off) and schedule definition First, we plan a macro schedule, defining key people, outlining the next steps and provide a basic software for immediate use.
2nd step
Configure Mapping and configuring services and integrations At this stage, we map the current process with each user through interviews and pre-defined forms, designing a flowchart for the future process including possible outcomes and expected savings. After approval, the settings are applied together with the Key User(s).
3rd step
Regular training and certification Regular training and certification for administrators and key users We offer high quality software and invest in certification and training users regularly, ensuring professionals are up to date with the best practices in e.Mix software.
4th step
Follow Up Monitoring the use and improvements implemented Our team monitors and analyzes software usage to ensure a smooth adaptation, and collects information about any gains resulting from this implementation, as well as possibilities for improvement.
5th step
Finalization Share the results We demonstrate how much was earned. The support team analyzes demands and the success team monitors results and presents the monthly savings.
6th step
Repeat Repeat e.Mix applies its own methodology for the implementation of its software, reviewing and auditing each stage of the process in order to identify opportunities and adjustments. The process must be constant and involves the entire company’s team.

e.Mix helps hundreds of companies overcome challenges and earn more.

Check out what our customers say about us, and find out what e.Mix can do for your company.

"It provides us with process security, which is very important." Carolina Póvoa - Manager, DSV
Carolina Póvoa - It provides us with process security, which is very important.
Edmilson Sala - Spreadsheet controls in the past left many controls buggy.
Marco Nascimento - The productivity gain we had was very significant.
Mauricio Luis Carvalho - Financially, the physical structure is reduced and I believe that our savings in personnel must be around 40%.
Sílvio César - I have trusted e.Mix for many years, and I do not give up.
Jonata Andrade - We recently saved more than R$200,000 due to the system's automatic controls.
Eloi Filho - Communication is much more agile, quick and preventive.
Fabiano Junqueira -  We were able to reduce the sales and installation period from 15 days to up to 3 days due to the integrations in our software.
Fernando Perel - We were able to completely eliminate manual work from the operation
Alex Cunha - Customers were happy, the information arrived earlier than they imagined.
Raphael Espindola - We reduced labor and time by 50%
Marcius Nascimento - e.Mix made all the difference in productivity

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