Have you ever thought of the clock as your best friend? Now it’s possible.

Does it seem insane to say that you can perform, in 45 seconds, the analysis of a process that would take you hours? That's what e.Mix Analyzer does for you.

Management software for foreign trade operations

Our services annually manage millions of operations for companies from the most diverse activities and sizes

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e.Mix has been in the software development market for more than 20 years. It’s a company with innovative solutions in technology to increase concrete results in a short and medium term and create distinguishing features for its clients. Our services annually manage millions of companies operations from the most different activities and sizes.

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E.Mix services are designed in order to facilitate and simplify the processes of your company.
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The e.Mix Analyzer service aims to support, optimize and improve the process of analyzing data and documents of import processes.

With this service companies can improve the organization and management in foreign trade in a simple way, because MantraNet software allows inquiries made even through cell phones with internet access.

This service performs automatic inquiries in the Integrated Foreign Trade System (SISCOMEX) import and export, in Mercante and SISCARGA.

FollowNet can fully control foreign trade processes with just a few clicks from the user and remotely. There is also the possibility of sending diversion alerts via SMS.

DemurrageNet is the service that manages in a customized way all the subjects related to the control of containers, avoiding losses in the deadlines and charges. With it you can have the integration of all internal systems, from the operational to the financial.

PONet is a management service used to optimize the tracking of purchase orders and invoices, as well as issuing invoices. This results in the optimization of time and compliance with the deadlines and commitments made with your client.

The software performs automatic inquiries of all the information about the Concession Acts of the Integrated Suspension modality, helping employees and customers to work with more ease.

Do you need to retrieve import declaration (ID) data at specific times? Automation has been widely used in the management of import and export processes worldwide.

Global economy is all about import and export. It’s almost impossible to imagine a country that doesn’t depend on a certain level of foreign trade. Thus, those companies that take care of all the needed procedures for purchases and sales between nations need a solid process management with automation.

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